Tuesday, January 23, 2024

RFK Jr. Makes General Election Ballot In New Hampshire


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

Independent Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s campaign announced on Tuesday that it has collected the signatures necessary to get him on the November ballot in New Hampshire.

The campaign collected the full 3,000 signatures necessary in just one day, and Kennedy is now on two ballots in his quest to make all 50. The first state he achieved ballot access was Utah, which was announced on January 3.

"I want to thank our dedicated supporters and volunteers who made this great accomplishment possible," Kennedy said in a statement. "Democracy is much more than voting. I'm inspired by how enthusiastic people are to collect signatures, create new political parties, and rally for real change. This kind of energy is what will get us onto the ballot in every state and fuel our voter registration and GOTV (get out the vote) operation as we head toward election day."

The Kennedy campaign's ballot access and field team led the effort, as volunteers from across New Hampshire and every state in New England came together to gather signatures from voters at nearly 100 precincts from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m.

"We had people ages 18 to 88 collecting signatures for RFK Jr.," said Northeast Regional Field Director Larisa Trexler. "All of New England was represented. We made this our primary."

That is in reference to the fact that Tuesday was the "first in the nation primary" in New Hampshire, with former President Donald Trump winning on the Republican side, and President Biden "winning" the Democratic "primary."

The Kennedy campaign explained the significance of achieving ballot access on this day: "New Hampshire was a major battleground between the Kennedy campaign and the Democratic National Committee while Kennedy was running as a Democrat. New Hampshire has traditionally been the first primary in the nation, following the Iowa caucus, but due to Kennedy's broad support and Biden's fears that Kennedy could win the primary, the DNC attempted to reorder the calendar and push New Hampshire to a later date. This made it clear that the DNC would go to any lengths to coronate Biden without a fair contest in the Democratic primary, which compelled Kennedy to declare his independence on October 9."

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