Thursday, April 18, 2024

Kennedy Makes Michigan Ballot


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. notched a major victory on Thursday, as he announced that his campaign has gained ballot access in Michigan.

The Natural Law Party in Michigan nominated Kennedy for President and his running mate, Nicole Shanahan, for Vice President. The party has filed all necessary documents to put the Kennedy-Shanahan ticket on the state's ballot in November.

Doug Dern, the Chairman of the Natural Law Party, said of Kennedy in a statement the campaign released, "He's the most qualified candidate in the modern-day history of America. We welcome Mr. Kennedy and Ms. Shanahan to the party."

This now makes it nine states whose ballots Kennedy, along with his running mate Nicole Shanahan, is slated to appear on in the campaign's quest to be on the ballot in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

This is now the RFK Jr. is already on the ballot in Utah, and Hawaii's Office of Elections confirmed Kennedy supporters have collected the required signatures to establish the "We The People" party. He has collected all the necessary signatures for ballot access in Iowa, Nebraska, Idaho, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

Michigan is one of the biggest swing states of this Presidential election, and a New York Times/Siena College poll from October 2023 had Kennedy at 26 percent in Michigan, within single digits of Presidents Biden and Trump. According to the Kennedy campaign, Michigan was the first state the DNC put up attack ads against Kennedy in February with a series of billboards defaming him.

Western Michigan Regional Coordinator Bill Costantino said in a statement, "Kennedy is good for Michigan. As an environmental champion for more than 40 years, Kennedy will work to restore our Great Lakes region, which holds 20% of the world's freshwater. He will ensure a thriving fishing economy and ecosystem for commercial fishermen and individual anglers."

This Sunday, April 21, Kennedy will be celebrating his ballot access win when he hosts "A Night of Laughter" comedy show at the Royal Oak Theatre near Detroit. It will feature Rob Schneider, Mike Binder, Dave Landau, Heather Jay, Tre Stewart, Erica Rhodes, as well as plenty of guests. Please click here for more information.

KENNEDY BALLOT ACCESS STATUS: This is the current map updating the ballot access efforts that the Kennedy campaign released on Thursday. The dark purple indicates where petitioning has been completed, light purple is in progress, and gray is where the petition window is not open yet.

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