Friday, August 30, 2019

Boone Says Yankees Have Been Able To "Go out and get 'er done" Despite Injuries

Yankees Manager Aaron Boone. Photo by Jason Schott.

Friday was a typical day for the Yankees in this injury-riddled season, as their excitement at getting one big player back, was tempered by seeing another player go on the injured list.

First baseman Luke Voit was reinstated from the 10-day injured list after recovering from a sports hernia he suffered on July 30 in a game against Arizona.

Third baseman Gio Urshela was placed on the 10-day injured list (retroactive to 8/29) with a left groin injury he suffered in Wednesday's game against Seattle.

Yankees Manager Aaron Boone has dealt with their string of injuries with such an ease, and has that has been a big reason they have the best record in baseball at 88-47 entering a big series with the Oakland Athletics starting Friday night at Yankee Stadium.

"It's been one of the storylines of our season, is losing guys and getting guys back, so it's just something that we've dealt with," Boone said on Friday afternoon. "The guys have done a great job in handling it, and to a man, you know, those guys have contributed in large ways across the board, so we are probably a little too used to it, but it's something that everyone doesn't flinch at, and know we can go out and get 'er done."

Voit will be hitting sixth in the Yankees' lineup for Friday's game against Oakland, but he said he probably will need days off here and there down the stretch as he gets eased back into action after missing a month.

"That communication, picking spots where I think there's a day he can benefit from, but those will be the things we'll kind of communicate on a daily basis," Boone said of how he will handle Voit's time on the field. "Obviously checking in with the strength and the training staff of where he is and what he's able to do, and how he's bouncing back every day, but certainly feel good about where he's at right now."

Boone said of whether he's encouraged that Voit has been able to avoid surgery, "I am. I started to feel optimistic about that when he really started ramping up, and to hear him talk about how he was feeling and bouncing back and everything, I was encouraged, and then to go out and play, get a number of at-bats, really, and get some positive results as well - excited to get him back and know that he's in a good place."

Urshela said he didn't expect his injury to keep him out more than the 10 days he will be on the IL, and Boone said, "That's my read, I would, you know, I think Sunday (September 7) in Boston would be the first day he's eligible, and I'm looking at it as, like, that's a real possibility. Feels like something that's probably a few days, but with an off day yesterday, an off day coming, just the time of year it is, he's a little banged-up anyway, probably the best thing for him and for us is to do this now and make sure this doesn't become a lingering issue."

On if D.J. Lemahieu who is in Friday night's lineup at third base, will take over there will Urshela is out, Boone said, "I would expect him to get the majority of it."

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