Saturday, February 1, 2020

Books: "Buzz Kill" By David Sosnowski

Buzz Kill
By David Sosnowski
47North; hardcover, $24.95; paperback, $14.95; Kindle eBook, $3.99; Audio, $21.87

Buzz Kill centers on two young hackers who have the brains to save the world, or at least change it. What possibly could go wrong?

Pandora Lynch lives in Alaska with her single dad, an online therapist for Silicon Valley's brightest and squirreliest. Homeschooled by computer and a self-taught hacker, Pandora is about to enter high school to learn how to be normal, or at least that's the plan.

George Jedson, a Northern California runway, is a hacker as well, one who leaves the systems he attacks working better than before. After being scooped up by a social media giant, will George go legit, or see it as the chance to pull off his biggest hack ever?

Not surprisingly, Pandora and George meet in cyberspace, where they combine their passions to conceive a brainchild named BUZZ. Can this baby AI learn to behave, or will it be like its parents and think outside the box?

Written with a hilarious and deeply empathetic narrative voice, this unapologetically irreverent novel is both humorous and tragic, while never taking itself too seriously.

About the Author: David Sosnowski has lived the life of a Renaissance man, as he has worked as a gag writer, fireworks salesman, telephone pollster, university writing instructor, and environmental protection specialist, while living in such varied places as Washington, DC; Detroit, Michigan; and Fairbanks, Alaska. He is the author of three previously critically acclaimed novels, Rapture, Vamped, and most recently, Happy Doomsday. For more about David, visit 

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