Friday, June 14, 2024

Kennedy Submits Signatures To Make Washington State Ballot; Birthday Message To Donald


Courtesy Kennedy 24.

Independent Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s campaign announced on Friday that it has submitted the signatures to gain ballot access in the state of Washington.

The Kennedy campaign turned in 4,181 signatures, which is four times the required amount for ballot access, in Olympia, Washington.

The ticket, in which Kennedy is running with Nicole Shanahan as his Vice Presidential nominee, has now collected enough signatures for ballot access in 14 states, with Washington joining New York, New Jersey, Florida, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Idaho, Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio, Tennessee and Alaska.

The Kennedy-Shanahan ticket has officially made the ballot in eight states, Utah, Michigan, California, Delaware, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Texas, and South Carolina.

This announcement, which comes one day after the ballot access news in Tennessee and Alaska, means the Kennedy-Shanahan campaign has collected the signatures needed for ballot access in 22 states totaling 304 electoral votes - 57 percent of the 538 total electoral votes nationwide. 

Washington State Regional Coordinator Bonnie Gerber said, "The amazing volunteers who helped collect signatures throughout the state were grateful to be a part of the ballot petition process in Washington. We look forward to helping get Mr. Kennedy elected as president so he can bring back the American dream and inspire better human and environmental health for generations to come."

BIRTHDAY MESSAGE TO DONALD: Friday, June 14, was former President Donald Trump's 78th birthday. Kennedy had some fun with it, alluding to the upcoming debate on June 27 on CNN that Kennedy hopes to appear with Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, and President Biden, as well as Trump's nickname for the Independent candidate:

Happy Birthday President Trump. 78 is YUGE! I look forward to seeing you on the debate stage.

Affectionately, Junior.

@RobertKennedy Jr on X.

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