Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Boone: Yankees "will really look forward to the excitement" Of London Series

Yankees Manager Aaron Boone. Photo by Jason Schott.

The Yankees are heading to London, ready to take on the Boston Red Sox in the first-ever Major League Baseball games to be played across the pond. The games will be on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. New York time, and Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

Yankees Manager Aaron Boone said of the historic trip, "I know our guys will really look forward to the excitement and the added eyeballs and energy that these games will probably bring."

On what he is most looking forward to seeing over there, Boone said, "My family's already over there, I've gotten some good pictures from them this morning." On what the pics were of, Boone added, "I saw a red phone booth, I saw a nice bridge, Heathrow, and they said the hotel's nice...

"I've never been there, so no real expectation or one thing that I necessarily want to see, but I'm looking forward to getting over there and just kind of experience it. I'm part of a clinic tomorrow that we're taking part in, just looking forward to being somewhere I've never been and experiencing a different culture."

Boone said of striking a balance between focusing on the games against the rival Red Sox as well as appreciating the trip, "A lot of our families are over there, will be over there. Thursday's an entire day for the players to themselves. Friday, we'll go and have a workout and kind of get into our routine a little bit. Saturday, we'll have our same normal road routine where we have our brunch, and try and make it as normal as possible once Friday rolls around.

"I'm not worried about these guys and being able to compartmentalize and deal with the different things that come at you - exciting or annoying - that happen throughout the course of the season. We'll handle it, we'll be ready to go."

After the Yankees return from London, they then play two against the Mets across town at Citi Field on Tuesday and Wednesday before heading to Tampa Bay for a four-game set with the Rays starting Thursday, July 4.

Boone said he's "not overly concerned" about his team's health with all the flying, "just because of the days off built in around it, you know, obviously, two going into the game (in London) and then one behind it. We'll be gaining hours coming back, essentially getting back Sunday night, have the entire off day on Monday. I feel like we're protected on both sides of it pretty well. We'll try and be vigilant with our guys as far as making sure they're taken care of as best possible because it is a significant trip, but I feel like we're equipped to handle it, and with the off days, I feel like we'll be fine."

On if there's any specific instructions on how his players can handle  the let lag, Boone said, "Stevie (Donahue, Yankees trainer) met with all the guys yesterday as far as tips, you know, hydration, all those kinds of things. We'll stay on top of it as best we can as a group and individually as well."

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