Sunday, June 9, 2019

Mets Place Cano On Injured List

Robinson Cano.

Mets Manager Mickey Callaway opened his press conference on Sunday with some news about second baseman Robinson Cano that was not unexpected:

"Just a quick update on Cano. We're going to put him on the IL and activate (Tim) Peterson today. We evaluated him the last couple of days and it just seems like to get him through a nine-inning game, it might take some rehab time, so we're going to go that route."

Cano was recently on the injured list with a strained left calf, which kept him out from May 23 to this past Wednesday. That night, he was removed in the top of the fifth inning of their game against San Francisco after he felt tightness in the left calf.

Callaway said of why this was the day to put Cano on the IL after they essentially played short-handed the prior few days, "I don't feel like we were playing short-handed, obviously, we got a pitcher in his stead. We didn't need a pitcher for the last couple days, so we really weren't playing short-handed. Our pitching was well-rested and we were more than fine to cover everything.

"I think it just got to a point where we felt like this was the best thing for Robbie at this point. You know, we need Robbie to be back and playing 100 percent and be the player he needs to be, and we felt that this route was going to be the best way to accomplish that."

Callaway said of what they saw from Cano that made this move necessary, "I think just our overall communication, what we are seeing, what had happened previously. You know, when you have an active guy and you start him, you want him to be able to go nine innings. I don't think at this point we were confident that that could happen safely without putting him at any kind of risk, so we feel like a rehab assignment will probably be the best thing, and a progression throughout that rehab assignment to get him where he needs to be.

"He could have probably pinch-hit, but we don't need Robbie to be just a pinch-hitter - we need him to be a starter and go out there and play and get four at-bats a night."

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