Saturday, October 20, 2018

Books: "The History Of The World According To Facebook"

The History Of The World According To Facebook - Revised edition
By Wylie Overstreet
Dey Street Books; trade paperback, $17.99; available October 23

Facebook has become so much a part of our lives, it is curious to wonder what it would have been like if every historical event took place online.

Imagine how we would see history is Abraham Lincoln had written a status about 'taking the missus to the theater" on April 15, 1865, or if God and Stephen Hawking got to have a comment war about the creation of the universe. What if Alexander the Great "checked into" all the countries he conquered? What if Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin "liked" each other's cryptic statuses?

Satirist Wylie Overstreet is back to show us what history would have looked like if it were all recorded online. There is a new, revised edition of his hugely successful 2011 humor book The History Of The World According To Facebook, which sold over 90,000 copies. The new version is expanded with 35 pages of new 2018-friendly text, photos, and subjects to parody.

The History of the World According to Facebook is a historical and clever parody of the history of the world, from its creation up through to the present day. Divided into sections like The Renaissance, The Industrial Revolution, The Information Age, and others, and replete with thirty pages of new material and photos about contemporary figures and topics, it is the funniest parody of history and the dawn of man since, well, the dawn of man.

Here is an how Overstreet imagines posts from Adam and Eve would have looked like:

Here is a look at what dinosaurs becoming extinct would have appeared:

Filled with hundreds of real-life historical figures and thousands of not-at-all-real Facebook statuses, comments, and actions, and parodying Facebook users’ proclivity to over-share and use lazy jargon, this is the definitive humor that defies all attempts at taking Facebook SRSLY.

Wylie has worked for Architectural Digest and GOOD Magazine, and has written satire for many websites. He currently directs nature and science films, and lives in Los Angeles. For more information on the author, visit

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