Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Books: "Why We Fight" By Sebastian Gorka

Why We Fight: Defeating America's Enemies - With No Apologies
By Sebastian Gorka
Regnery Publishing; hardcover; $28.99

Sebastain Gorka, Ph.D., former Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump for Strategy and one of America's most trusted authorities on national security, strategy, and counterterrorism, sees American leadership restored under Trump, but that does not mean our enemies have disappeared.

In his new book, Why We Fight, Gorka clarifies who our enemies are, what makes them tick, and how to defeat them.

This powerful manifesto from Dr. Gorka looks deeply into the basic principles of how to defeat our enemies in the modern age. Whether it's Russia, China, or the Global Jihadi Movement, to defeat your enemy, you must know them, and the most important weapon in a geopolitical conflict is the will to win.

Dr. Gorka explains how President Trump is defeating America's enemies after eight years of weakness under Barack Obama.

The world was up in flames when Trump took office on January 20, 2017. After eight years of presidential "apology tours" and "leading from behind," Russia invaded Ukraine, China aggressively built militarized artificial islands in international waters, Iran charged ahead with a nuclear weapons program despite the mullah's lucrative deal with the United States, North Korea launched missiles over Japan, and ISIS established its first caliphate since 1924.

"It is clear that when General Mike Flynn described the election of November 8, 2016, as a peaceful 'political revolution,' he was absolutely right." writes Dr. Gorka. "The day America chose Donald J. Trump, a man who had never held political office before, to hold the most powerful position in the land, politics in the republic changed irrevocably.

"We should remind ourselves of the situation then. The Democrats had a candidate who virtually owned the mainstream media: on the night of the election, the New York Times declared that Hillary Clinton had a greater than ninety percent chance of winning the presidency. She had spent $1.4 billion on a campaign in which she made it clear that she was entitled to become president because of her sex and last name. Nevertheless, a real estate magnate and reality television star defeated her.

"How did that happen, and what does this mean for the future of conservative ideas? The answers to these weighty questions are now always clear. Donald J. Trump defeated more than a dozen establishment Republicans for the nomination, yet since becoming president, he has implemented policy after policy that would please the most traditional Reaganite conservative. Are we therefore safer? Are we better prepared to deter, and if necessary defeat, our adversaries? Can we finally push back on the political correctness that has hobbled us for decades? These are the most important questions we face today."

Dr. Gorka, in this book released ahead of the crucial midterm elections, reminds Americans that all the money and weapons in the world cannot substitute for the will to fight for America and what it represents.

To remind us what the will to win looks like, Dr. Gorka tells the stories of four American heroes, Stephen Decatur, Chesty Puller, "Red" McDaniel, and a warrior who never took up arms, Whittaker Chambers. These men believed in their country and put everything on the line for it.

"The last two years have been quite a ride," writes Dr. Gorka.

"Why We Fight was written before I moved into the White House, but I feel I owe you, dear reader, a few words on how I became strategist to the president of the United States.

"If anyone had said to me twenty years ago, or ten or five years ago, that this British-born immigrant to the United States would be walking around the West Wing of the White House as a deputy to the president, I would have thought him clinically insane - but there it was.  A reality TV star who had never held public office became our commander in chief, and a legal immigrant with a funny accent became one of his political appointees. Only in America.

"Truth be told, I always loved America. I may have been born and raised in West London to refugees from communist Hungary, but something about the States pulled me like a magnet. From my childhood, watching reruns of TV classics such as Kojak, Starsky and Hutch, and The Streets of San Francisco on British TV, to my student days at the University of London, buying a beat up '76 Chevy Camaro, something about the brash, no-excuses attitude of Americans simply resonated with me.

"My parents were Hungarian, and my formative years were shaped by their experiences and the stories they told me about life in war-torn Budapest and then under the oppression of communist dictatorship. But during the Cold War years, this family history strengthened my attachment to all things American. It was clear to me that it would take US leadership to win that conflict against the new totalitarians, just as it had against the Nazis and fascists before."

This is the perfect book for devotees of Dr. Gorka, who appears frequently on FOX News as he fights for what he feels is right.

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