Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Judge Watch: RF "Hasn't graduated to baseball activities," According To Boone

Aaron Judge. Photo by Jason Schott.

Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge was placed on the injury list on April 21 with a left oblique injury, which he suffered on a swing the day before in the sixth inning of a 9-2 win over Kansas City.

Yankees Manager Aaron Boone said at the time of Judge's injury, "Strained oblique, pretty significant strain in there."

It has been a little over three weeks since, and it has been unclear if there is a timetable on the right fielder's return and the progress of his rehab.

Boone said on Tuesday afternoon if he had any more clarity on Judge's situation, "No, just because he hasn't graduated to baseball activities yet. It does seem like it's going well and there's small improvements every single day, but we're going to get to the point where range of motion and the exercises that he does - where that feeling is at all is out of there - before he graduates.

"I know he was in there running today and he's doing lower-body things, and he's doing the exercises, the bending, range-of-motion things that kind of test it out, but all with the idea of pushing to the limit of not feeling it, and once that feeling is completely out, then he'll start graduating to baseball activities and we'll have a better timeline on things, but he's not quite there yet."

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