Thursday, January 2, 2020

Betances On Joining Mets: "Definitely a lot of things that I'm excited about"

Dellin Betances in his new pinstripes. Photo by Jason Schott.

The Mets introduced Dellin Betances, their new star reliever, on Thursday at Citi Field. 

Here is what the big right-hander had to say upon making the move from The Bronx, where he pitched for the Yankees since 2014, to his new home in Queens, after he signed a one-year deal with the Mets on Christmas Eve:

"This day brings a lot of excitement. Obviously, I want to thank everyone here a happy new year and thanks for coming; I hope I didn't cut you guys' vacation a little short.

"This past week and a half has brought a lot of excitement to myself and my family. Christmas, in fact, came a little early, as we celebrated my signing with the New York Mets. Definitely a lot of things that I'm excited about.

"I've heard a lot of exciting things about the organization, from (General Manager) Brodie (Van Wagenen), a lot of the staff that I spoke to. I'm excited to meet a bunch of the staff members of the Mets, a lot of the players as well that I spoke to over the phone, Robinson Cano, (Jeurys) Familia, a lot of the guys I know that I played with, Justin Wilson, told me great things; (Marcus) Stroman.

"I'm definitely excited; I feel like I'm already at home. I know a bunch of the players, so I think that the transition will be easy for me, and I'm just excited to extend my career here in New York with the Mets.

"I'd like to thank my family, big group that came to support me today, love all you guys. I want to thank my wife for always being there, supporting me, and obviously bringing our biggest joy, Dellin J, into our lives.

"I want to thank Mr. Fred Wilpon, Jeff, and the rest of the Wilpon family for welcoming me into your guys' family. This is truly an honor for me, and I'm going to represent this team as best as I can...

"That day, the 23rd, I remember I was in the office (of his agents) for a while, going back and forth, we were negotiating, Brodie put something in his presentation about how excited he is about the Mets, and then we kind of threw our pitch, I went home, practiced, I came back and we got the deal done.

"I'm definitely excited - this 2020 team is something that a lot of these fans need to be excited about. Obviously, just from viewing across the way, I think they had one of the better records in the second half, just honored to be a part of this 2020 season, I think there's a lot of excitement and buzz, and I can't wait to meet a bunch of the guys and start this new journey, and my goal is to win.

"As I said in my social media post, New York is in my blood. I grew up playing on the Lower East Side, I went to high school in Brooklyn, and in '07, played minor league ball in Staten Island, 2011, I made my Major League debut in The Bronx, and now I stand here getting a chance to wear this Mets uniform in Queens."

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