Friday, January 24, 2020

Books: Bosh! Healthy Vegan

BOSH! Healthy Vegan: Easier - Tastier - Leaner
By Henry Firth & Ian Theasby
William Morrow Cookbooks; 240 pages; $24.99; eBook, $14.99; available Tuesday, January 28

Bosh! is the largest and fastest-growing plant-based food channel on the web and the brand behind the smash international bestselling cookbook. Their team has introduced readers around the world to fun, mouth-watering vegan recipes even meat eaters can love. 

Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, the founders of Bosh!, are on a mission to help you eat well and feel better with delicious food that has less fat and less sugar. Their new, in-depth cookbook, BOSH! Healthy Vegan, is a comprehensive guide to nutritious, wholesome living using only the power of plants. It features 80 delicious recipes and nourishing meal plans to get you started, and keep you on track.

Their prior cookbooks demonstrated how eating plant-based meals can be flavorful and delicious, and now they're providing the guidelines for how to eat healthy and tasty vegan meals without any of the vegan junk-food ingredients like white, processed carbs. 

BOSH! Healthy Vegan shows you how to eat the rainbow, and it's all about finding the balance that you feel comfortable with and incorporating plant-based eating into your life as much as you can. Featured recipes include: Rainbow Stir Fry, Green Shakshuka, Tropical Overnight Oaks, Not-that-naughty Burger, and many more. Firth and Theasby also give you their 5 Golden Rules for eating well.

Henry Firth & Ian Theasby mission statement on BOSH! Healthy Vegan:

At BOSH!, it's our mission to help you get more plants on your plate, more taste in your food and more joy out of your mealtimes. We want you to live a long, healthy, happy life. Our aim in this book is to share with you what we've learned about healthy eating and the power of plants.

Four years ago, we were slightly overweight meaties. We adopted a plant-based diet and found our lives changed for the better. The weight fell off, our sleep was better, and our energy levels improved. But a couple of years later, we had become indulgent eaters, often cooking and eating up to five meals a day as we tested recipes for our cookbooks. We had taken our focus off health and wellbeing and were eating too many white, processed carbs - classic vegan junk food! It was delicious, but our health had started to suffer.

So, we made some changes and started learning a new way of living. We learned how to balance fun food with fit food. We've done the hard work - and made the mistakes - so you don't have to. In this book, we share with you over 80 healthy recipes, meal plans and all the advice and guidance you need to be a happier, healthier, leaner you - whether it's every meal, or one meal at a time.

But this isn't a diet book. Quick diets and promises of instant transformation don't work in the long term. If they sound too good to be true, that's because they are. With the latest diet craze you may see short-term benefits, but these can often come at the expense of your future self.

Quick-fix diet plans can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food, encourage a negative self-image and they can even permanently damage your body's metabolism. More often than not, once the diet is over you'll go back to your old eating patterns anyway and any benefits will be reversed. We've all been there.

We are going to show you how eating plants can transform your wellbeing, for good. Make a small change to the way you eat, you can feel incredible and live healthier. And the best part? The food is delicious!

When we adopted this plant-based way of eating, we felt more energetic, slept better, trained better, laughed a lot more and, hopefully, we will live longer, too!

The recipes all follow the principles of eating the rainbow. Packed with colorful plants  and their unique health-giving phytonutrients, they reflect a varied plant-based diet. The meals are full of dietary fiber and high-quality carbs, proteins, and fats, and are low in salt, sugar, and saturated fat (which has links with increased cholesterol, heart disease and stroke, so a diet low in saturated fat is great!).

They have all been nutritionally analyzed - you'll see labels beneath the recipes indicating whether they are a particularly good source of protein or fiber, or are low in fat or sugar, as well as the calories per serving.

We'll show you why eating plants is a great choice for your health. You'll learn how to eat plants the right way, while discovering new recipes. We'll also give you some ideas for when you want to relax the rules a little, so you can enjoy life in the balance. We all need a treat sometimes!

We'll help you get healthy in other areas of your life as well - sleep, exercise, routine, and lifestyle - so you feel more able to start making positive, lasting changes.

We're going to show you how to eat and live healthily. You'll soon see just how good you can feel eating plants. Most importantly, this is still BOSH! food: hearty, comforting food that you want to eat - but with fewer calories,less sugar, and less fat.

We're going to share with you everything we've learned and help you find the best you. These changes could last a lifetime. And along the way we'll share some of the tastiest and most vibrant recipes we've ever created.

We hope you'll decide to join us on our healthy vegan journey!

Henry and Ian x

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