Monday, January 13, 2020

Books: "Many Rivers To Cross," The Latest In Inspector Banks Series

Many Rivers To Cross: A DCI Banks Novel
By Peter Robinson
William Morrow; hardcover; $28.99; available Tuesday, January 14

Peter Robinson has been captivating readers with the adventures of Inspector Banks for over 30 years, and Many Rivers To Cross is the 26th book of this acclaimed series.

Alan Banks, the revered detective, must find the truth about a murder with possible racial overtones, as well as save a friend from ruin.

In Eastvale, a young Middle Eastern boy is found dead and his body is stuffed into a wheelbarrow on the East Side Estate. Banks and his team know they have to tread lightly to solve this case, but the tensions hit a fever pitch when they learn that the victim was stabbed somewhere else and dumped. 

Detective Banks has to figure out just who this boy is, and where did he come from.

As this is developing, a heroin addict is found dead in a decayed part of Eastvale that is scheduled for redevelopment. Could this have been just a tragic overdose or something more sinister?

The detective has to act quickly on both of these cases, while also finding himself distracted by a close friend's increasingly precarious situation. He needs a break in these cases, and he gets one when he finds a connection to a real estate developer that could unlock the truth.

There are so many loose ends dangling that Banks is sure of only one thing, that solving the case could come at a terrible cost.

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