Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Books: "Marriage on Madison Avenue" By Lauren Layne

Marriage on Madison Avenue: The Central Park Pact Series
By Lauren Layne
Gallery Books; paperback, $16.99; E-book, $11.99; available today, Tuesday January 28

This is the final part of Lauren Layne's Central Park Pact series, in which she introduced readers to the unlikely friendship between three women - one man's wife and two mistresses. 

This equally scandalous, hilarious, and heartwarming series was inspired by the idea that being wronged by the same man can bring women together to form a bond even stronger than their romantic relationships.

Marriage on Madison Avenue tells the story of the second mistress, Instagram influencer Audrey Tate and how she went from dating a married man to a fake engagement with her best friend.

Audrey's reputation is on the line after a Gossip Girl-esque social media account starts posting scandalous stories about her love life, so she does what any women would do to salvage her online reputation: she orchestrates a fake engagement to her friend Clarke. He is more than happy to participate, as he is tired of his overly involved mother playing matchmaker for him.

However, everything starts to become more interesting when Audrey and Clark's just-for-show kisses begin to feel real. 

This romantic intrigue adds to a story that highlights the power of female friendships. Lauren imbues this love story with an authentic voice and adds a depth of reality to the novel's New York City backdrop.

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