Sunday, October 1, 2023

Buck Addresses His Mets Future


Buck Showalter taking the field for the National Anthem. Photo by Jason Schott.

On Sunday afternoon, Mets Manager Buck Showalter gave his usual pregame press conference, with 15 minutes of taking questions largely on how he will assess this tough season and plans for the offseason.

Then, he delivered the following statement:

“(General Manager) Billy (Eppler) came into my office last night. We talked a little bit about next year, and got some new leadership coming in and I want to make sure I get this right.

It reminds me of with Max (Scherzer) when he left. The one thing that bothered him the most was that he felt like his teammates might think that he was jumping shop, which was obviously not the case. So, you know, Billy and the organization, in fairness to me, gave me the option of, you know, if stepping aside, or either, I don’t know what else, but anyway, I appreciated that.

The new leadership, they’re going to go in a different direction with the Manager next year.

Just wanted to let you all know that. I’ve got a lot of things here I could say. I do want to make sure I got some things out there, they have a, just like before, I talked to some of the players today, trying to hit everybody. Talked to the coaching staff, just to give them a head’s up on what’s coming, so - (Buck notices many reporters buried in their phones) you guys are more interested in tweeting this out and being first, so who got first? Who won first? (To one in particular) You didn’t.

I think the Mets fans deserve that, you know. You pride yourself in telling the truth; things are instilled in you.

I was honored to get a chance to manage a second New York team. I’m proud of what the Mets did. We won close to 180 games in two years, especially last year, as much fun as I ever had in the game. It reminded me why I always loved this kind of work. 

I wish things could have gone better this season because the Mets fans deserve that. In my heart, I always wonder what could have happened if this hadn’t happened or that hadn’t happened, but I try not to live in that world.

You know, Steve (Cohen) and Billy, you’ve got good leadership and ownership here, and they’ve got a perfect right to go in a different direction, and I hope you give the next person in this job the same respect you gave me. It’s not the ending I wanted, but I still love the city and the players.”

Showalter then said he has a game to manage and he will address this move after the game. 

Mets players and coaches stood outside the dugout and gave Buck a standing ovation as he delivered the lineup card to the home plate umpire. Photo by Jason Schott.

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