Thursday, March 7, 2024

Kennedy, In His Version Of State Of The Union, Wants U.S. "To turn again toward peace, freedom, good health, and prosperity"


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Around the time President Biden was set to deliver his State of the Union address, Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. took the opportunity to release a speech on Thursday night.

"How I See The State Of Our Union" is Kennedy's video on how he sees the state of our country, and declared "What we once were, we can be again."

In this address, Kennedy paints a picture of an America that was thriving after World War II, the envy of the world when his uncle, John F. Kennedy was President, and how we can be that country again.

"Other countries aspired to be like us, and our children grew up proud of their passport, proud of their flag," Kennedy said. "My uncle, President Kennedy, left us a legacy of peace, and the hope of ending the arms race and winding down the Cold War. Those were the traditions of freedom, prosperity, and peace that my father, my uncle, and Martin Luther King Jr. were striving to protect and advance. In the half-century since their deaths, we've lost touch with that vision for our country.

"I want to tell you right now that we can still restore that America, the America that almost was, and yet may be. But we have to start with being honest with ourselves. Neither my uncle nor my father would recognize the version of America that we have today.

"We have become a nation of chronic illness, violence, loneliness, depression, and division. What happened to 'America, the land of opportunity,' where you could be sure that if you worked hard and played by the rules, you would have a decent life?...

"We may be on the mat today, but we can be on our feet and happy and healthy and strong again, with good leadership, tomorrow. Our people and our system were built for resilience. And here's the most important thing I want to tell you about the state of our union: Our nation seems more divided than ever, but Americans everywhere want to heal that divide. Our nation has become artificially divided by political forces that can survive only when we the people are at war with each other. People are tired of being manipulated by fear. We learned that lesson during COVID. We recognize that the same techniques of manipulating fear are being used by elites today to corral us into voting for one political candidate or the other.

"Americans are tired of these dire warnings that to preserve democracy itself, you better vote for our guy. I can tell you that  in every state of this union, people are rejecting fearmongering. 80% of Americans say they don't want to be forced to choose in this election between the lesser of two evils. They're tired of voting against something or someone.

"I see it in the crowds of mixed Republicans and Democrats and Independents who attend my rallies That a growing number of Americans are rejecting divisiveness. They are ready to unite, to rebuild this country, and to fulfill the promise of the America of my youth. They're ready to vote for something and for someone they like, for someone who represents hope and healing, for someone with an inspiring vision for America's future.

"For a future that they can believe in. So that's the State of the Union that I want to bring you today. It's a nation that hungers to heal. It's a nation ready to face reality. To rebuild, to end the forever foreign, wars, to clean out the corrupt Washingon establishment, and to turn again toward peace, freedom, good health, and prosperity. When we unite in that vision, we're going to be unstoppable."

To view Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s entire address, please click here.

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