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RFK Jr. To Name VP Pick On The 26th; Rodgers & Ventura In The Running

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in New York City on February 17. Photo by Jason Schott.

Independent Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will be announcing his choice of a Vice President in less than two weeks, on Tuesday, March 26, in Oakland, California.

In recent days, according to reports, Kennedy has had discussions with Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former wrestler and Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura about becoming his running mate.

Rodgers and Kennedy have been allies against a lot of the government's Covid policies, including the mandates of vaccines and censorship of those who had differing views of how the pandemic was handled by the government.

Kennedy posted a photo on social media with Rodgers on February 20 atop a mountain, writing, "Hiking with @AaronRodgers12 and his amazing Achilles," referencing the injury suffered by the Jets quarterback four plays into last season's opening game.

Kennedy with Rodgers in the Feb. 20 post. @RobertKennedyJr.

Jesse Ventura was a famous wrestler in the WWF in the 1980s, nicknamed "The Body." He entered politics when he became Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, in 1991, and he served one term. In 1998, Ventura set the political world on fire when he won the Minnesota Governor's race when he was the Reform Party candidate, and he declined to run for re-election, citing that he had to care for his wife. Recently, he considered running for President in 2020 as the Green Party's nominee.

Ventura introduced Kennedy before he delivered a speech in Arizona on February 5 that certainly showed why he would be considered his running mate. The speech is excerpted below:

I'm here in support of Robert F. Kennedy's bid for President of the United States, and I support this because I have been a person of the third party my entire political career and my entire adult lifetime. I go way back. I voted for John Anderson back in 1980, for those of you that are old enough to remember that, so I have been a third party person my entire life. 

I support the third party movement. Ralph Nader had it best when he called it 'the two-party dictatorship,' because that's what it is, and you're seeing right now - right now - the very reason we need to elect somebody other than Democrats or Republicans, and that reason is this: you're seeing it right now with this border bill, where they put their party before the country.

Bear that in mind: Democrats and Republicans always put their party first , then it's their money-bag donors that give them the money, and then, let's see, the people, we could end up about fourth or fifth on the list. Rest assured it's their party first, not the country, and you're seeing that right now, they could pass this bill, but they're not doing it, why? Because of party politics and election coming this fall, so let everybody suffer while they put their parties first. Well, that's why we need to elect independents.

I won the election in Minnesota. I took on the Democrats and Republicans, and I was talking with Bobby earlier, and I think I amazed him a little bit when I told him I only raised three hundred thousand dollars to become the Governor of Minnesota. I can tell you this: I made more money doing the job than what I spent to get it. There isn't an elected official in the last hundred years to a major office who can say that. I made more money doing the job than I spent to get it.

That's what you're looking at today - you talk about wasteful spending, how about the wasteful spending on these political parties, and the money that just goes down, for lack of a better term, down the toilet, with this fundraising and all that stuff. I don't need that, and Bobby doesn't need it, either.

Bobby will make it on ideas - that's what I ran on in Minnesota, ideas, and the people responded. The voter turnout rose and went sky high in Minnesota. Bobby can do the same thing nationally. 

All we need is for people to believe, and I'm your example. I beat the Democrats and Republicans at the same time. They can be beaten. They can be beaten, and how you beat them is with ideas. How you beat them is with people responding to those ideas, and how you beat them is by putting America first. The United States first, not yourself. This isn't about yourself, and this isn't about your political party. 

It's about our country, and right now our country needs Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and all third party candidates. I believe it was John Adams told us, warned us, he said when political parties take over the government, say goodbye to the government that you know. Well, he warned us and we're on the brink right now because these two dysfunctional parties that are running this country, they've been doing it now for, what, 50 years or more, and with the same results, and they don't have you in mind. They've got themselves in mind, so we need to elect people who truly understand what public service is about. 

I'll say this to you, and I'll finish with this:

Imagine the world we would live in today if the two Kennedys would have lived.

There would have been no Vietnam, there would have been no Cold War, we'd be friends with Cuba. This world would be - you wouldn't recognize it today, and so I always say Jack Kennedy was the greatest President of all in my lifetime, and the reason I say that is because they let him serve the least amount. He didn't even get one term! That's why he's the best, because they wouldn't let him go past not even one term.

Well, maybe it's time to elect another Kennedy.

To view Ventura's entire speech, which begins around the 7:30 mark after Kennedy's campaign video, please click here.

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