Tuesday, March 5, 2024

RFK Jr. Set To Make Ballot In Nevada; Idaho Lawsuit Win


Robert F. Kennedy.

Independent Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that his campaign has collected the necessary signatures, over 15,000, for him to appear on the ballot in Nevada. 

This is significant because Nevada was one for the tightest races last time, as Biden won it by just 2.39 percent over Trump.

This is the latest big step for Kennedy in his quest to make the ballot in all 50 states. He is already on the ballot in Utah, has collected the necessary signatures to appear on the ballot in New Hampshire, and in Hawaii, the Office of Elections has confirmed that RFK Jr.'s supporters have collected the required signatures to establish the "We the People" party in that state.

"Today marks the end of the primary and the beginning of the general election," Kennedy said in a statement. "Nearly 70% of Americans don't want a Trump/Biden rematch from 2020. They want to vote for someone who represents hope and healing. For someone with an inspiring vision for America.

"I look forward to taking on Presidents Biden and Trump on the issues that matter most to Americans - from making housing and health care affordable to ending the forever wars and unraveling corporate captures of our government."

IDAHO LAWSUIT WIN: The Kennedy campaign won its ballot access lawsuit challenging Idaho's unconstitutional early deadline for independent presidential candidates to qualify for Idaho's general election ballot.

As the Kennedy campaign described it in the press release, "Kennedy challenged Section 34-708A of the Idaho Code mandating that independent candidates file nomination petitions containing a minimum of 1,000 verified signatures with Secretary of State McGrane no later than March 15. In Anderson v. Celebrezze, The United States Supreme Court, more than 40 years ago, clearly established that a March 20 deadline imposed by Ohio for independent presidential candidates to qualify for a state ballot was unconstitutional as too early and impairing the rights of voters to cast meaningful votes for candidates other than the two major political candidates."

Soon after Kennedy's campaign filed its lawsuit, the Idaho State Legislature commenced a race to amend the statute to make it comply with Supreme Court precedent. On February 29, during an informal status conference, Judge Winmill informed Sec. McGrane that he would extend the March 15 deadline if the state legislature failed to promptly amend the challenged law.

This is the second constitutional challenge to state petitioning deadlines that Kennedy 24 has won, as it also struck down the Utah deadline this past December.

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