Wednesday, May 1, 2024

BOBBY IN BROOKLYN: Kennedy Calls On Biden To Sign A "No Spoiler Pledge"


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Brooklyn on Wednesday. Photo by Jason Schott.

Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was in Downtown Brooklyn on Wednesday, as he made a major announcement on the state of the campaign.

First, Kennedy announced the results of the largest Presidential election poll, conducted by Zogby Analytics, of 26,000 likely voters. This dwarfs the sample sizes of most national polls, which average around 3,000 voters. 

This poll conducted three hypothetical one-on-one matchups. In the one between President Biden and President Trump, it would be Trump winning by a margin of 294 electoral votes to 244. In a Kennedy-Biden matchup, RFK Jr. would win 367-171, and in a Kennedy-Trump battle, Kennedy would win 270-268.

The maps provided by the Kennedy campaign of the Zogby poll results:




Robert. F. Kennedy Jr. about to take the stage. Photo by Jason Schott.

"This poll typically costs between $200,000 $500,000, and it gives us a very clear picture of who can win this election and who cannot, Kennedy said. One thing he found "interesting is that, if I remain in the race and the election was held today, President Trump would win, and President Biden would lose. If I got out of the race and the election was held today, President Trump would win, but he'd win by much more. He'd win by two additional states, he would win the state of Maine and the state of Virginia, so the people who believe that I am spoiling this, at this point, for President Biden need to look at data. Again, the spoiler definition, a political candidate who cannot win, but who prevents another candidate from winning by taking away votes stakes; this is what Joe Biden said in 2020. 

"The stakes of this election could not be higher. We only have one chance to beat Donald Trump, and we need a nominee who can get the job done, and that would be me...

"And, by the way, our poll is not unique. Every poll that has posed this question in a head-to-head race between President Biden and President Trump, and a head-to-head race between me and President Trump has said the same thing, that I perform much, much better against President Trump than President Biden does." 

Kennedy then quoted a Zogby poll, plus one by TMZ, that showed he would beat Trump 64 percent to 36, and said it was "one of the reasons I stayed in the race and switched parties." (picture below)

Photo by Jason Schott.

Kennedy then made a proposal that could change the nature of the campaign.

"This is the 'No Spoiler Pledge,' which we're announcing today. This is a pledge that I offer to take if President Biden also takes it. Both parties agree to co-fund in mid-October a 50-state poll with 30,000 or more likely voters with essentially, effectively, a zero margin of error in October 2024. The survey will test the results of a head-to-head race pitting President Biden against President, and a second head-to-head race pitting me against President Trump.

"Both parties - that would be President Biden and myself - pledge that whomever performs weakest against President Trump in a two-man contest will drop out of the Presidential race. So, this is a 'spoiler pledge,' and then, by the way, I'm happy to make the same pledge, although President Trump is not a 'spoiler' because he actually can win.

"I'm happy to make this same pledge with President Trump because I can do better against President Biden than President Trump can. People who are frightened, people who are voting for President Trump because they're frightened of President Biden should be supporting me, and vice versa.

"Ultimately, I think what we all want this election is that for Americans not to feel they have to vote out of fear, that they feel that they can vote out of hope, and that is only going to happen if there's a two-way race between me and President Trump or me and President Biden. 

"The other thing is if you picture what this country is going to look like in November if either President Trump or President Biden won, the division is going to continue; the anger, the vitriol, the chaos, the polarization is only going to worsen. The only way to end that is through my successful candidacy."

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. looks at the crowd before his speech. Photo by Jason Schott.

EXECUTIVE ORDER: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also made this promise to his supporters on Wednesday in Brooklyn: "First day in office, I'm going to issue an executive order announcing that any government official or employee who lies to the American public in conjunction with their official duties will immediately lose his job. 

"If President Trump or President Biden had the inclination to do that, they would have done it when they were in office."


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