Friday, May 24, 2024

Kennedy Receives Reform Party Nod; Puts Him On Florida Ballot


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Brooklyn on May 1. Photo by Jason Schott.

Independent Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that he received the Reform Party nomination on Thursday night.

The Reform Party’s national committee met last night and voted to nominate Kennedy, granting him ballot access in Florida, and of nearly equal significance, providing a major fundraising advantage.

Individuals currently can donate a maximum of $6,600 to the campaign. Now, with the Reform Party’s backing, the party can raise an additional $41,300 from individual donors and spend it in coordination with the campaign to support Kennedy. 

The contribution limit for a party is more than six times the campaign contribution limit.

Kennedy said in a statement, “Much gratitude to the Reform Party for its nomination offering me ballot access in Florida. I couldn’t resonate more with the Reform Party’s motto, It’s time to put people first.’ I am grateful to accept the nomination, grow the independent movement, and take our shared principles all the way to the White House.”

The Reform Party was founded by Ross Perot supporters in 1996. Perot ran in 1992 and 1996, the most successful third party candidate in United States history until Kennedy launched his independent run in October. 

The party’s rules call for it to nominate a presidential candidate, who then selects a vice-presidential candidate. 

Kennedy accepted the Reform Party nomination and selected Nicole Shanahan as his running mate. 

The Reform Party refiled its Florida state party paperwork this week to run Kennedy as its nominee. 

Reform Party Chairman Nick Hensley said in a statement released by the Kennedy campaign, “The driving potential in this marriage is principles. Even though Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Reform Party do not agree on every issue, both the Reform Party and RFK Jr. agree on listening to the opposition, debating facts, and understanding that you can’t discount a solution just because it came from your political rivals. True leaders will listen to those around them, and forge consensus, regardless of political affiliation.”

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