Tuesday, May 7, 2024

RFK Jr. Officially On Ballot In Delaware


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Brooklyn on May 1st. Photo by Jason Schott.

Independent Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s campaign announced that it has gained ballot access in Delaware.

Kennedy and his running mate, Nicole Shanahan, were nominated by the Independent Party of Delaware, who filed all the necessary documents with the state to put the ticket on the November ballot.

Wolf Von Baumgart, the Independent Party of Delaware Secretary-General, said, "Today, we offer the voters of Delaware a clear national alternative to polarized two-party politics as usual. Special interest-controlled politics has failed the people and it's high time for a constructive, independent problem-solving alternative."

Delaware is the fourth state that the Kennedy-Shanahan ticket is officially on the ballot, in addition to Utah, Michigan, and California. In addition, the Kennedy campaign has collected enough signatures for ballot access in seven other states, New Hampshire, Nevada, Hawaii, North Carolina, Idaho, Nebraska, and Iowa.

Kennedy Ballot Access Update: This map provided by the campaign shows the status of RFK Jr.'s quest to be on the ballot in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Dark purple = Petitioning complete. Light purple = In Progress. Gray = Window Not Open Yet.

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