Saturday, April 28, 2018

Books: "Everything That Follows" By Meg Little Reilly

Everything That Follows

By Meg Little Reilly

MIRA Books, on sale Tuesday, May 1st, $15.99

Meg Little Reilly has followed up her debut novel, the acclaimed We Are Unprepared, with an electrifying new psychological drama, Everything That Follows.

This gripping nail-biter provides an immersive plunge into the darkness beneath the veneer of civilized society when a drunken evening derails and thrusts its participants into a moral and ethical morass.

Martha's Vineyard year-rounders gather in a bar one October evening. After midnight, two old friends, Kat and Hunter, and their new acquaintance Kyle decide in their inebriated state to continue  the party offshore.

It doesn't take long for the mood to turn threatening. As impenetrable sheets of rain come down, someone goes overboard.
Was it a tragic accident or a case of foul play? The truth is hard to find.

What matters now, despite whether Kyle is a victim or villain, is calling the authorities for a rescue or recovery. Kat and Hunter choose to do nothing, crossing a line that can never be uncrossed.
They soon find themselves unmoored from the fallout from their silence and plagued by their compromised consciences. This is a situation in which they are in way over their heads, and their ability to sink or swim depends mostly on external forces, as well as their own commitment to self-preservation.

Everything That Follows, which is observed and executed with sharp precision, is at once a nuanced character study and a propulsive psychological drama.

A work in the tradition of Megan Abbott and Chris Bohjalian, this chillingly realistic tale ventures into the shadows to illuminate the gray area where survival extorts a heavy price, and those who pay it must learn to live with its cost.

Meg Little Reilly is a novelist, hiker, and environmentalist who previously worked in national politics and for several government agencies. She holds a BA from the University of Vermont and an MA from George Washington University.

Currently, Reilly is a commentator for Vermont Public Radiop and lives in Hinesburg, Vermont with her husband and two daughters, and her webiste is

A gripping page-turner that you won't be able to put down, Everything That Follows is blockbuster fiction at its most thought-provoking and sophisticated.

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