Saturday, April 7, 2018

Steve Garvey Introduces King's Hawaiian To Yankee Stadium

Steve Garvey with Matt Gibson, Legends Hospitality Senior Executive Chef, on Friday night. All photos by Jason Schott.

Legendary Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Steve Garvey was at Yankee Stadium on Friday night to introduce King's Hawaiian to the Bronx.

Fans visiting Yankee Stadium this season will find the King’s Hawaiian Grill locations in Sections 115 and 334.

This is the latest exciting feature to debut at Yankee Stadium the past couple of seasons to enhance the fan experience.

The King’s Hawaiian Grill in-stadium concept began at Dodger Stadium in 2017, so they are now at ballparks coast-to-coast.

Garvey, who is a King’s Hawaiian Ambassador, said, "This is a pretty simple equation, and it's worked very well over the years between iconic franchises like the Yankees and the Dodgers. Great American companies like King's Hawaiian for over 60 years now has been a pre-eminent bakery. Most everybody knows about King's Hawaiian, their rolls and breads and so forth, and of course, the Yankees and Dodgers, two of the most revered franchises, historical franchises, so when you combine them together, you have something special, and it's all predicated on the idea of King's Hawaiian integrating into Yankee Stadium. I think this is fast going to be a fan favorite."

The King's Hawaiian Grill at Yankee Stadium menu will feature:

- Sweet Pineapple BBQ Kalua Pork Sandwich on a King’s Hawaiian Roll

- Big Island Lava Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Tempura Pickles on a King’s Hawaiian Roll

- Kona BBQ Brisket with Macaroni Salad on a King’s Hawaiian hot dog bun

- Smoked Pork Nachos

- Other Yankee Stadium favorites served on King’s Hawaiian Rolls

- Four-count packages of King’s Hawaiian Rolls

What you will find at King's Hawaiian Grill this season.

In addition to serving as a gathering point for fans of great food at the ballpark, King’s Hawaiian has partnered with Garvey and several Yankees alumni to hold special events at the King’s Hawaiian Grill throughout the season, which will provide fans an opportunity to meet Garvey and a former Yankees player.

The first event is during the Yankees' game against Baltimore this afternoon at 1:05 pm when Garvey and Yankees 1996 World Series Champion Cecil Fielder will be signing autographs for fans at both locations.

Garvey said of what King's Hawaiian will bring to Yankee Stadium, "We're about the experience, the entire family, with King's Hawaiian. As much as it is a bright company, it wants its customer to experience something, to embrace it, and to fall in love with it as we fall in love with baseball. We think we're the spot in stadiums to be able to provide barbecue.

"I started barbecuing when I was six in Florida. It will be fun to watch the evolution of the fans being introduced to the King's Hawaiian Grill and then coming back throughout the season.

"We believe in integrating with the fans and getting involved as much as possible.One thing we're doing at Yankee Stadium too is 'Who's eating King's Hawaiian,' which we're going to be doing here in the stadium later in the season and we will find someone who is eating our wonderful food and I will come up to them with one of our great gift bags and tickets to a future game, autographed pictures and baseballs. Again, keep developing the family experience at The Stadium."

Yankee Stadium on Friday night.

Garvey spoke about what he thinks of the meaning of a day at the ballpark.

"It's part of the experience. There are a variety of experiences. One is you're coming to the game probably because of baseball, and if it's here, it's probably because of love for the Yankees or some other team, but you're coming here.

"I always say we're in the memory business. People come up to me every week and tell me about where they were when we did this or that or the World Series or Yankees-Dodgers, or 'you got this home run the first time I came to a game and I will never forget it.'

"We're in the memory business. It starts outside the gates when you're coming in and that first person, that first Yankee employee that greets you and says, 'Welcome to Yankee Stadium, how can I help you?' and as you come in, you start to see the sights and sounds of the ballpark. It really is a place to come for memories, and a stadium has become more of a family environment over the years with different things to do."

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