Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Books: Dr. Pimple Popper Gives Skincare Techniques

Put Your Best Face Forward: The Ultimate Guide to Skincare from Acne to Anti-Aging
By Sandra Lee, MD
Dey Street Books; paperback, $25.99

Dr. Sandra Lee shot to fame when she started to post videos of her "popping pimples" on her YouTube channel, which has 4.6 million subscribers, and on Instagram. It turns out that people love watching things being extracted from people's skin, so much so that the videos from this Southern California dermatologist have been viewed nearly three billion times.

Dr. Lee, whose hit series "Dr. Pimple Popper" is in its second season on TLC, and she has a new book out called Put Your Best Face Forward, which provides an exclusive look into her world, as well as being a skin-care guide.

This book has Dr. Lee's in-depth advice about skin conditions and skin care, along with an abundance of practical information about how people can best treat their own skin type. This is the book for all of her fans that wish they could benefit from her famously warm bedside manner firsthand. You will find exciting and informative step-by-step tutorials, quizzes, prevention advice, and over 50 photos.

Dr. Lee writes about how social media exposure changed her life, "I really have no simple clear concrete idea why people like to watch pimple popping, but I certainly have some theories. For many, it's akin to slowing down and staring when driving past a car wreck, while for others, there is this feeling of fright followed by euphoria and exhilaration, similar to riding a roller coaster or watching a scary movie. And for those who keep coming back, there is something hypnotic about watching a pop or a squeeze or even an incision; it's satisfying on a deep psychological level, perhaps because eliminating a blemish of any kind offers a sense of closure, resolution, and accomplishment. 
Ultimately, the reason I continue to do this, and why my viewership continues to grow, is that watching pimple popping seems to make people happy. Can you believe that? It's fascinating to me and mind boggling at the same time.
"How my life has changed since I started posting my work on social media. I would have thought the private practice I share with my dermatologist husband, Jeff Rebish, in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles would continue to grow gradually over time and that my workdays would be filled with surgical and concrete procedures: Mohs micrographic surgery ( a technique to remove skin cancers), Botox and fillers, acne treatment, eyelifts, liposuction, and lasers to treat brown spots, red spots, and fine lines and wrinkles. A few years ago, I never would have believed that I would be extracting thousands of blackheads, cysts, lipomas - anything that pops from the skin. I have removed more blackheads, excised more cysts, and popped out more lipomas in the last few years than I have during my whole dermatology career before then - times a hundred!...
"Here I am, working in a suburb of Los Angeles, and people travel from Northern California, Texas, New York, Canada, London, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and even Nigeria to see me. Why do people travel from far distances to see me when there are thousands of dermatologists to choose from? It boggles my mind. Strangers stop me at the store or the gas station with adoration in their eyes, and they tell me that I have been a positive influence in their lives. Adults have actually trembled and cried when they shook my hand to say hello. I joke that I've attained rock-star status in the world of dermatology. What the heck happened here?
"I enjoy what I do, and get to know such interesting people, treat fascinating skin diseases, an perform many cosmetic procedures that I felt people would find interesting and like to learn about and follow.  My gut told me that people would be interested in seeing how Botox treatments are administered, witness what liposuction under local anesthesia looks like, or understand the skin diseases I see and diagnose. And, yes, see what kinds of growths I pop out of perfectly normal people. As a result, with the permission of my patients, I made the decision to post my work."

Readers will learn how to identify their skin type and take care of their skin accordingly; a guide to all of the benign bumps found on our bodies (blackheads, cysts, freckles, etc.) and how to treat them; how to safely and properly pop our own pimples and enjoy it; her complete guide to acne, including the types of it and how to control it; detailed explanations about what happens to skin as it ages and how to best fight the effects of aging; and the definitions of important skin care terms and procedures, explanations of the techniques and instruments featured in her videos, and advice as to how readers can use this knowledge when being treated by their own dermatologists.

Dr. Lee's warm and accessible presence on the internet has bred an entirely new fascination with skin care, and Put Your Best Face Forward will satisfy the curiosity of everyone who wants to understand the what and why of skincare and position themselves on a path to clearer, beautiful skin.

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