Thursday, October 13, 2022

Books: "Love & Vermin," A Collection of Cartoons From Will McPhail


Love & Vermin

A Collection Of Cartoons By The New Yorker's Will McPhail

Mariner Books; 240 pages; $32.50

Will McPhail has contributed cartoons, sketchbooks, and humor pieces to The New Yorker since 2014. The Edinburgh, Scotland resident was the winner of the Reuben Award for cartooning in 2017 and 2018, and he is the author of the award-winning In: A Graphic Novel.

Love & Vermin is McPhail's second book, a collection of cartoons that capture his shrewd eye for mundane absurdities and hysterically astute drawings of animals. New cartoons are mixed in with old favorites, as mischievous mice and opportunistic pigeons offer portals into his crackling curiosity, while Lady No-Kids'adventures continue with high-flying glee. 

These cartoons delight in the everyday anxieties of modern life, skewer contemporary politics, and cut to the core of the most bizarre human behaviors. Chapters range from the contemporary to the universal, and the distinctive black and white interior show the craft's timelessness. Here's a sampling of the cartoons you will enjoy:

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