Monday, December 31, 2018

Books: The Thriller "Hunt Them Down"

Hunt Them Down: A Pierce Hunt Thriller
By Simon Gervais
Thomas & Mercer; hardcover, $24.99; Kindle eBook, $4.99; available January 1, 2019

Security expert Simon Gervais has created one of the most gripping works you will ever read, Hunt Them Down, perfect for the times we live in.

Former Army Ranger Pierce Hunt is no stranger to violence. He has just completed a six-month suspension from the DEA, and he’s itching to hit a notorious Mexican drug cartel where it hurts.

That could mean protecting crime boss Vicente Garcia, who is a witness in the case against sadistic cartel leader Valentina Mieles.

Gervais writes, "Valentina Mieles banged her fist on the table.
"'The ungrateful son of a bitch!' Mieles raged. 'After everything I've done for him and his entire goddamned family. This? This is how he repays me? By talking to the DEA?'
"There were five other people seated around the opulent dining table. Anywhere else in Mexico, these men would be feared. But here, in the sanctuary of the Black Tosca's private residence, they were the ones bowing to a higher power. They worshipped her the way abused animals served their vicious owners, doing anything for even an illusion of approval. Her displeasure, she could tell, made them all nervous.
"'Why am I just hearing about this now?'
"Only one man was courageous enough to look at her and speak his mind. Hector Mieles. Her cousin.
"'It was a mistake to think Tony Garcia would simply roll over and go quietly,' Hector offered. He was her right-hand man. 'As you know, over the years he and his father have built a solid distribution network. It would be wise for us to keep as much of it intact as we can. As for the reason why you're learning about it tonight, I myself just got word from our man in Florida.'
"The Black Tosca, dressed in an elegant nightgown, rose from the chair she had occupied at the end of the table. She looked at Hector. Even seated, he looked tall. He was the opposite. She was petite, barely five feet, and he was only four inches shy of seven feet. Over the years, most probably because of her physical appearance, many men had made the mistake of underestimating her. In several cases, it had cost them their lives. What she lacked in physical stature, she made up for tenfold in wit, determination, and a healthy dose of brutality. And what she couldn't do for herself, Hector did for her. Her cartel had its own intelligence division, and most of the intelligence assets in her network were sources she had developed personally. Some were former lovers she had blackmailed; others she had bought outright.
"'Be that as it may, Vicente needs to be stopped. He knows too much about our operations. He's a threat to all of us.' The Black Tosca looked around the table. 'Don't think for a minute that you'll be safe if the Americans come after me. Because you'll be next.'
"They were all aware of the far-reaching hands of the American special forces and the DEA. The new American president didn't care much about his relationship with Mexico. He didn't mind rattling the cage, which made him a very dangerous man.
"'Do you hear what I'm saying, Hector?'
"'I've already seen to it. Don't worry, Valentina. I won't let him testify against you.' Her cousin's voice was surprisingly shill for such an imposing man. 'Right after we're done here, I'm flying to Miami to oversee the operation. There will be no mistakes.'
"The Black Tosca nodded. When it came to human resources, Hector was her greatest asset. The rank and file respected him, and her enemies feared him. It was his ruthlessness and his efficiency at eliminating her enemies that had propelled him to her side, not their family bond.
"'I want the whole Garcia family gone and their operations shut down, at least until we've replaced them with people loyal to us.'
"'That might be difficult,' Hector said. 'Tony Garcia is well protected.'
"'Maybe, but his daughter isn't. Do whatever it takes, Hector. I don't care. Just get the job done.'"

Things spiral out of control when the cartel murders Garcia and kidnaps his granddaughter, plus an innocent bystander, Hunt’s own teenage daughter.

Mieles wants the new head of the Garcia family on a plate—literally. Hunt has seventy-two hours to deliver, or Mieles will execute the girls live on social media.

With the clock ticking, Hunt goes off the grid and teams up with Garcia’s daughter, a former lover and a current enemy after she found out his true identity.

To save the girls, Hunt will have to become a man he swore he’d never be again: an avenging killer without limits or mercy.

About the Author Simon Gervais: Born in Montreal, Quebec, he joined the Canadian military as an infantry officer and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1997. In 2001, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police recruited him to become a federal agent. His first posting was Toronto, where he served as a drug investigator. Gervais worked on many international drug-related cases in close collaboration with the United Stated DEA. His career switched gears in 2004 when he was placed on a federal antiterrorism unit based in Ottawa. During the following years, he was deployed in several European and Middle Eastern countries. In 2009, he became a close-protection specialist tasked with guarding foreign heads of state visiting Canada. He served on the protection details of Queen Elizabeth II, US President Barack Obama, and Chinese president Hu Jintao. Gervais lives in Ottawa with his wife and two children.

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