Thursday, September 15, 2022

Mets President Alderson To Be Transitioned Out Of Role

Sandy Alderson.

Just before the Mets took on the Pittsburgh Pirates on Thursday night, the team announced that Sandy Alderson will "step down as President at the conclusion of a search for his successor."

When that happens, Alderson will transition into his new role as a special advisor to owners Steve and Alex Cohen and the senior leadership team.

Alderson released this quote in the press release, "For me personally and for the organization, it's the right time for this transition. We are having a successful season, we have made several key additions to our senior leadership team and we have built a strong and forward-thinking culture. When the time comes, I am looking forward to continuing to support Steve, Alex and the organization in a new role."

Mets Owner, Chairman and CEO Steve Cohen said, "When I asked Sandy to come back to the team, it was for a defined period of time and with a specific mandate - revive our culture and the iconic franchise for our fans, partners, and employees. 

"Sandy has done those very things and more and we have begun a search for his successor. When we do find that person, I have asked Sandy to continue in a new role as special advisor to me and the senior leadership team."

On Friday afternoon, Alderson met with the media and he was asked what he felt he’s achieved in the past two years since Cohen brought the former General Manager (2011-18) back to the club, “I think that, what I hoped we’d accomplish as an organization is a transformation, if you will, of a perception of the Mets as we go forward under what was then new ownership, and I think that has largely been accomplished - doesn’t mean it will be sustained, but I believe that the image of the Mets is different today than it was roughly two years ago.

“I think we’re all very proud of that, but the challenge is to continue that direction and sustain it over a period of time, and I’m confident that will happen. We’ve got a great leadership team here, very happy with the way the organization has responded this year, both on the field, off the field, in terms of creativity, in terms of execution, in terms of our internal culture, which I think is reflected externally in a lot of the things that we do. 

“So, from those standpoints, we’ve made strides as an organization, and I’m really confident that the organization will continue in that vein.”

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