Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Mets To Open Amazin’ Deli Fan Experience


Photo by Jason Schott. 

Starting on Tuesday night, when the Mets open a two-game set with the Miami Marlins, fans can check out the Amazin’ Deli interactive experience.

Located behind section 131, fans can take pictures in front of the set used for the Mets promotional materials throughout the season. 

Since this has been one of the best seasons in Mets history, as they have clinched a playoff spot and lead the National League East, it is a great way to commemorate it.

Available for purchase at the deli counter is the “October Special,” a one-of-a-kind Amazin’ Deli-themed T-shirt. 

Hoodies with a sketch of the Amazin’ Deli and the commemorative T-shirt are exclusively available at the adjacent team store, where they can also find all Mets postseason gear.

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