Saturday, June 16, 2018

Books: Elizabeth's Pipko's Second Collection Of Poetry, "About You"

Elizabeth Pipko.

About You
By Elizabeth Pipko
Archway Publishing

At the young age of 22, Elizabeth Pipko is a well-recognized model, figure skater and two-time author. Her second collection of poetry, About You, is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Recently, Pipko was a panelist at the Social Media Stars as Authors Panel at the BookExpo.

At the ripe age of 10, Pipko discovered her love of figure skating and moved her family to Florida in order to pursue her dream of becoming a competitive athlete. Finding success within the sport she competed all across the country, but at the age of 15 suffered a devastating injury, after which doctors told her she would never skate again. During her long recovery, Pipko turned to poetry and in 2013, she released her first collection of poetry, “Sweet Sixteen.”

Because many doctors told Pipko she would have to give up her dream of skating, her parents advised her to find a new goal and passion to work towards. She then began modeling and continued writing to 
fill the void of skating and found a new passion and career.

Elizabeth has since starred in the Vizcaya Swimwear “Perfectly Imperfect” Campaign and has graced the pages of Maxim, Esquire and more. Additionally, she is featured on the June cover of L'officiel Wedding which comes out in a few weeks.

Now, after years of physical therapy, Elizabeth has also made her return to the ice, defying all odds last year. She is also a student at Harvard University Extension School, majoring in legal studies and double minoring in religion and math. Elizabeth Pipko has certainly inspired others at such as young age and continues to do so throughout adulthood with her story of overcoming adversity, tenacity, and perseverance.

Elizabeth said of what inspires her poetry, "When I began writing my first book I wasn't really sure where exactly my inspiration was actually coming from. I was a teenage girl who was filled with sadness and pain, and dealing with so much of what teenagers deal with nowadays... I was just looking for a release. Poetry ended up being that for me. Only now that I have spent years not only writing, but also thinking about what it is that I was feeling and what it is that brings me to the point where I can write a really genuine poem have I realized where the pain was coming from. I lost my dream (I was a competitive figure skater) to a really bad injury and simply did not know how to deal with it. It was one of the worst heartbreaks I think I will ever go through and the biggest inspiration for every word that I have ever written."

On how those inspirations evolved from when she first started writing poetry, Elizabeth said, "I believe I learned to really harness my thoughts and feelings and to turn them into words. At first it was just an overwhelming amount of emotions mixed with a desire to write something. Now those thoughts and feelings have not only evolved into more thought-through and structured inspiration for my poems, but they have turned me into a better person. Actually slowly evolving with me and shaping me as I go through life."

Elizabeth Pipko has a major following on social media, especially Instagram (@elizabethpipko), and she is gracing the cover of L’officiel magazine this month.

On social media has given her a platform to showcase her work and build a following, Elizabeth said, "Social media has not only given me a platform to showcase my own projects, but it has given me a platform to find inspiration from others. There are so many art forms just on Instagram alone (if you know where to look!). It is unbelievable what you can gain from seeing others doing incredible things. My social media following has come mostly from my different modeling projects, but I hope to use it to not only share my poetry, but to connect with others who write as well!"

Elizabeth is a very inspiring figure, and her collection of poetry, About You, is well worth reading as it shines a light on how she has becoming a rising star.

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