Thursday, June 14, 2018

Libby E-Book App Linked To Brooklyn Public Library

Libby is a new app built by OverDrive for readers to discover and enjoy ebooks and audiobooks from a network of 40,000 libraries, including the Brooklyn Public Library.

Libby gives users instant access to e-books and audiobooks from your local library and offers instant digital library cards, digital book clubs and more, consumers can now access their library’s digital catalog anytime, anywhere.

With Libby, with one tap, you can borrow, read and return books to the library.

Libby is also affiliated with school libraries worldwide, including these in the New York area: New York University School of Law, New York Law School, Nassau Community College, Cornell University, Cornell University School of Law, Brooklyn School of Law, Northern New York Library Network, Albany Law School,SUNY Rockland Community College, Mercer School, American Musical and Dramatic Academy, and Saint Lawrence University.

The free Libby app from OverDrive has hit over 1 billion e-book checkouts and was named the #1 Book App on the the Apple App Store in May.

There is an integrated reading experience with OverDrive Read and OverDrive Listen.

It is the same experience on all devices, fixed-layout and read-along ebook support, and you can listen to thousands of audiobooks instantly.

I spoke with David Burleigh, Overdrive's Director of Brand & Marketing Communication, recently at BookExpo America, and he said of how to use the app, "I live in Cleveland, so I belong to Cuyahoga County and it's the one-tap reading app because I can go right to my Shelf and it shows me what books I've already checked out. I can do a book like a read-along and audiobooks as well.

"With this, you can play, you can scroll, you can add bookmarks. If you start listening on your phone and you go home, you can pick it right back up on another device, play it in your car, stream it through bluetooth.

"This is great technology, simply better than anything in the library. Libby is such a step up for the library experience, and it's free, that's the big thing. It's free to all library users. Libraries are paid for from our taxes. We're paying for the library, and they're meeting people where they are.

"They're providing access to reading materials, from children to business and technology and everything in between. There's forms, books, there's language learning. It's just amazing the amount of content that we use that we have available for libraries and schools to add to their collections and serve their community.

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