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Books: The Cash & Carter Family Cookbook

The Cash and Carter Family Cookbook
By John Carter Cash
Thomas Nelson, $29.99

John Carter Cash shares memories, recipes, and celebrity stories about meals shared around the kitchen table with his parents, Johnny and June Carter Cash in The Cash and Carter Family Cookbook.

People the world over loved Johnny and June for their charismatic stage presence and powerful, soul-stirring music, but those who had the fortune to know them personally remember them best for their warm hospitality and the meals from their kitchen.

Like his parents, John Carter Cash is in the music industry. He is a five-time Grammy-winning record producer and author of numerous articles published in popular newspapers and magazines. He owns and manages Cash Cabin Studio.

John Carter diligently preserves the family legacy and is the only child of June Carter and Johnny Cash. He lives with his family in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

The Cash home was always welcome to family, friends, and fellow artists, and there was always a beautiful table set with June's fine linens, china, and crystal. It was a table that overflowed with Southern comfort food, as well as international dishes the couple gathered on tours around the world.

"My mother always set a formal table, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner," John Carter Cash recalled recently. "She always had ironed linens, she always used her best silverware, she was immaculate when it came to presentation at the table, and very caring around the table. The dishes that the recipes are presented on are either my own dinnerware or their my mother's china that she left me."

From Johnny's Old Iron-Pot Chili recipe and June's Tomato, Red Onion, and Avocado Salad to Jamaican Peas and Rice and Veal Cutlets with Caper Cream Sauce, the family favorites collected here are perfect for an intimate gathering or for hosting a crowd.

"There are family recipes in there that are unique to my family, the Cash and the Carter side of my family," John Carter said of the book. "My mother's specific recipes, my father's also - he made chili, what people would say is Texas-style chili I suppose, with meat and beans, but my modification of his chili is in there. There's recipes from around the world, there's everything from vaca frito, which is a slow-cooked Cuban beef, to my favorite dish, the baked chicken with apples, which I cook everyday, to seafood pasta, French style. Lots of different options for different palates."

In addition to all those amazing recipes, the book has memories and reminiscences from the musicians and film stars welcomed in the Cash home

"So many people are gathered around table in fellowship with my parents," John Carter said appreciatively. "Loretta Lynn is in there, actually there's a chapter in there that's written by Adam Clayton of U2, Jane Seymour, the list goes on.

"It's really amazing to look through the book and be touched by those friends of my parents' stories of the time with them."

The Cash and Carter Family Cookbook is a treasure trove for Carter and Cash fans as well as anyone who wants to experience the love, comfort, and hospitality of sitting at Johnny and June's table.

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